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10/11/17 • Oakland, CA • Starline Social Club (downstairs sideroom) • 2236 MLK Jr. Way • 7pm • $5-10 sliding scale • all ages • with Jeremy Harris & Graham LeBronlink to poster
10/13/17 • Seattle, WA • Gallery 1412 • 1412 18th Ave. • 7pm • $5-10 sliding scale • all ages • with Amulets, Vradiazei, & Thelma (aka Benoit Pioulard) link to poster
10/14/17 • Anacortes, WA • The Business • 216 Commercial Ave. • 7pm • $5 • all ages • with Vradiazei link to poster
10/15/17 • Portland, OR • Leaven Community Center • 5431 NE 20th Ave. • 7pm • $5-15 sliding scale • all ages • with Pulse Emitter & Skin Lies link to poster
10/18/17 • Olympia, WA • Obsidian • 414 4th Ave. E • 9pm • $7 • ages 21+ • with Vradiazei & Serac link to poster
10/23/17 • Phoenix, AZ • Cibo Carriage House • 604 North 5th Ave. • 8pm • $7 • all ages • with Michael Krassner link to poster





"Don't have time to spend 7 years in Big Sur [California] staring into the void? Listen to 'Cold Spring'! Fletcher Tucker's deep immersion masterpiece... a powerful and haunting transmission of fire and earth." – Devendra Banhart

"In 'Cold Spring', Tucker sinks into the redwoods and roots out something ancient and always. [A] truly incredible record." – Lars Gotrich, NPR

"Calling it an album about nature feels limiting. It is, more so, a reflection of an artist's total immersion in the idea of 'place,' its spectral songs often swallowed up in the shadows of giant redwoods, the coos of owls, and the howls of far-off coyotes... While so often mystical and contemplative music focuses on ecstatic sounds, centering on buoyancy and uplift, 'Cold Spring' is unreservedly dark at times. Like nature itself, the record can feel spooky, inspiring an awe that comes close to dread...over and over again, the completed record bears [Fletcher Tucker] out, sounding thoroughly haunted, an arboraceous, psychedelic journey that reveals more with each listen." – Jason Woodbury, Aquarium Drunkard

"I was instantly transported. Whatever mojo [Fletcher Tucker] was working there amongst the redwoods really has made it to the wax. It is a haunted, and haunting record with the spirit of place." – Erik Davis, Expanding Mind podcast