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I am Fletcher Tucker, born in 1983 in a little northern California, coastal, forest town. I have lived for the last seven years on the western slopes of the steep mountains of Big Sur, California.

Between 2005 and 2012 I released five full length albums and four EPs under the project-name Bird By Snow. I have mostly released music on my own label, Gnome Life Records, with a few releases on other labels in Japan and Europe. In 2011 I recorded a one-off improvised jaw harp album (Native Tongue) under the name Yurt. My final Bird By Snow album, Offering, was released in 2012/2013 (US/Japan). Since then I have been recording and performing under my own name. In April 2017 I will release a 7" EP called Womb of Light, followed by an LP called Cold Spring in June. These will be the first Fletcher Tucker releases.

I spent four years receiving and recording Cold Spring. It is the highest resolution presentation of the archetypes, ideas, explorations, and invocations that weave through all of my work. Specifically, deep connection with place, a blurry mingling of inner and outer wildernesses, ecstatic or terrifying experiences in the wild, atavism, mytho-poetics, abandonment of illusion, attempts at non-dualistic thinking, and earth-based mysticism; as well as a profound sadness and frustration with my modern, western society for utterly failing to provide any guidance in these matters. These are the things that matter to me, and they always have. But seven years of deep inhabitation in a truly wild place, and the pilgrimages, rites of passage, and rituals I have undergone there have shaped me, and I feel new. The work feels new too. So, I cast off all pseudonyms and artifices of separation.

I am a generalist is all things. I practice many forms of art-making. And I play many instruments with just enough skill to compose upon them. I record my own music on old analog machines, and I enjoy this most of all. I have also performed on, and helped to record, some beautiful albums by a few other artists including Little Wings, Daniel Higgs, and Fountainsun. In addition to music I also write poetry and essays, make sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs, videos, and prints. I study the wild, forage, hike, and teach workshops about re-skilling and re-connecting with wilderness and the depths of our own ancient selves.

Many indigenous peoples understood/understand that songs are co-creations between place and person. That they are not written, but rather arrive. That they do not belong to us, but we do belong together. That music is an aspect of nature itself. That it flows from a profoundly mysterious source. And that songs are powerful gateways through which we can enter the primordial, untamed realms of the heart-mind. I believe this more with each passing day, and I strive to serve the songs that find me.


photo and sculpture by Fletcher Tucker
photo by Daniel Dent
2017 (forthcoming) • "Cold Spring" • Fletcher Tucker • LP • Gnome Life Records
2017 (forthcoming) • "Womb of Light" • Fletcher Tucker • 7" EP • Gnome Life Records
2013 • "Offering" • Bird By Snow • Japanese CD version • Rondade
2012 • "Offering" • Bird By Snow • LP • Gnome Life Records
2011 • "Subtle Body" • Bird By Snow • Cassette EP • Gnome Life Records
2011 • "Native Tongue" • Yurt • Cassette • Gnome Life Records
2010 • "Afterbirth" • Bird By Snow • EP • Gnome Life Records
2010 • "Common Wealth" • Bird By Snow • LP/CD • Gnome Life Records
2010 • "One White Flag" • Bird By Snow • EP • Gnome Life Records
2009 • "Songbread/Another Ocean" • Bird By Snow • LP/CD • Gnome Life Records
2008 • "Sky" • Bird By Snow • Swedish CD version • Kning Disk
2007 • "Sky" • Bird By Snow • LP • Gnome Life Records
2006 • "Industrial Collapse" • Bird By Snow • 7" EP • Gnome Life Records
2005 • "Antlers and the Sun and All the Things that Grow Old and Pass Away" • Bird By Snow • LP • Gnome Life Records
Performer/Producer • "Sweep the Temple" • Fountainsun
Performer • "Explains" • Little Wings
Performer/Producer • "Music Today" • Fountainsun
Performer/Producer • "Made it Rain" • Little Wings
Producer • "The Measure of Mystery" • Daniel Higgs
Performer • "Eternal" • Sean Smith
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